Owen Marshall

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I'm Owen. I've been doing software for a while, and people tell me I'm not bad at it. I take that as a serious compliment.

I've created internal and external APIs, planned and designed software features, optimized business processes to reduce waste and increase profitability, held an on-call pager for operational support, and even converted stunning designs into websites — but you may have guessed that's definitely not my core competency.

I'm as comfortable writing emails to customers and making presentations for CxOs as I am writing code. I've been told my ability to clearly explain a deeply technical concept to a non-technical user is my biggest strength. But I also enjoy getting my hands dirty to deliver business wins.

If you'd like to say hi, reach out via email. I'd love to talk.


Today, I'm an architect at Appriss Health reporting to the VP of Engineering. I'm focused on building efficient development processes that help our engineering teams solve problems with simple, repeatable patterns instead of introducing unneeded complexity.

At my last job, I worked at GE Appliances as an enterprise architect reporting to the CIO. I owned components of a tech stack that ranged from COBOL RPCs on a mainframe up to serverless applications in AWS, which gave me a great view into the cyclical nature of technology. My lasting legacy was building an enterprise-wide technology assessment process that formalized software lifecycles and allowed a company with legacy roots to map a path to the future.

Before that, I was a platform engineer at Heartland Payment Systems, where I learned a great deal about the value of automation and how it turns development teams from detractors into fierce champions.

A long time ago, I learned how to rapidly build business value from large data sets at Appriss Safety, how to create beautiful and useful user experiences at Forest Giant, and how to do DevOps before that phrase was coined at FacilityONE.